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Positive Affirmations: What We Think, We Become!

by Team Avazera |

We are super excited about today’s blog post in which we discuss and explain all about positive affirmations! An affirmation is quite simply put- positive self-talk. It can be a statement about ourselves or our situation that is phrased in the present tense as if the affirmation is already true and occurring. Positive affirmations help purify our thoughts and restructure our thought processes so we begin to think that nothing is impossible, but that im-possible! These affirmations prove that you are special, you are smart, you are loved, you are beautiful, you are important and so much more!

So it’s important to learn how to use positive thinking to your advantage- let’s jump right in!

Using Positive Affirmations

1. Identify Your Self Negative Talk and Beliefs
Do this in your hand writing as it makes it personal. Grab a piece of paper and start creating a list* of all those self-limiting and negative thoughts you’ve been thinking, saying and believing. Every time a negative self-talk pops into your stream of conscious write it down! “I can’t find the right guy/woman.” “I’m not good at math.” and so forth- these all go into a list. *When writing your list it’s important to remember to be real, to be spontaneous and to not monitor what goes on it.

2. Creative Positive Affirmations Out of These Beliefs
Now it is time to transform your negative self-talk that was placed on your list into positive affirmations* and create an entirely new list! Examples:
- “I can’t find the right guy/woman” turns into “I am ready to meet my perfect other half”
- “I’m not good at math” turns into “Every day I am improving my math skills”
*These new positive affirmations must be written in the present tense and not in future tense. So write “I am” instead “I will be” because if it is in future tense you will just keep on waiting for it to happen!

3. Begin Using The New Positive Affirmations
Don’t pay attention or give energy to the negative self-talk list you made previously. Ignore it. It is now time to take your POSITIVE affirmations list and begin integrating it into your habits and routines. You may place your list somewhere where you will see it often – on your bathroom mirror, above the kitchen sink, right on your bedroom door, you get the idea! And start from time to time reading these affirmations, as occasional reminders that you are transforming your thinking.
If you catch yourself beginning to say past negative beliefs, stop immediately and correct yourself with a positive affirmation! It’s important to nip negative beliefs right in the bud. You will eventually see that you are training your mind to see that the glass is half full, not half empty!

4. See Positive Affirmations in Action!
All negative statements, beliefs and thoughts previously had will no longer exist and disappear from your mind. Soon you will not only say you’re good at __________ (whatever your issue was previously), but that you believe that it is true and then one day you will notice you are good at _____________. It truly does work!

Buddha expressed the act of positive affirmations simply and powerfully! “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.” Please let us know below what you think about positive affirmations and if you are incorporating positive self-talk within your life!

Keeping Blossoming,
Team Avazera

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