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Omega-3 DHA Breast Milk Test

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The Omega-3 DHA Test is designed for breastfeeding women to measure the level of DHA in a mother's milk.

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Why Use the Omega-3 DHA Test?

The Omega-3 DHA Test is designed for women who are currently breastfeeding. 


Measures: The level of DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) in a mother’s breast milk. 


Using specialized paper strip technology, the Omega-3 DHA Test assesses a mother’s personalized fatty acid profile to determine whether their diet contains the recommended levels of DHA necessary for the overall wellbeing of their baby. Having this knowledge enables the mother to adjust their diet and supplementation accordingly (if necessary) so that they can reach optimal DHA levels. This can be confirmed by re-testing of a breast milk sample after a 2-4 week period following efforts to enhance DHA levels.

Collection Instructions

Download the Omega-3 DHA Breast Milk Test collection instructions and view a sample report!

Omega-3 DHA Breast Milk Test

Omega-3 DHA Breast Milk Test



Frequently Asked Questions

  • When should I start measuring the DHA in my breast milk?

    After delivering your baby it's best to measure your breast milk DHA levels approximately 2-4 weeks after delivery. This will allow you to make the necessary changes to your diet if your DHA levels are low.

  • How often should I measure the DHA in my breast milk?

    If your DHA levels are good after your first test and you maintain a healthy lifestyle, the one test is enough. However, if your levels are low, and you increase your intake of DHA (via fish or fish oil pills), then you can take the test as soon as two weeks after your previous test. Yes, your DHA levels in your breast milk can improve in as little as 2 weeks.

  • If my baby was premature, will his or her DHA needs be different?

    Because premature infants missed out on some time for brain DHA accumulation they tend to have a greater need for DHA. Mothers of premature infants can safely increase their Milks DHA levels by supplementing with up to 800 mg DHA per day.