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Omega-3 Blood Test

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Easy-to-use spot cards that require just a drop of blood for analysis to test for cardiac health, cognitive deterioration and other vital health markers.

Measures: Omega-3 Levels using the exclusive OmegaScore® with our network of accredited laboratories – sample testing is acquired with specialized paper strip technology for a personalized fatty acid profile. 

The OmegaScore®

If the lab results indicate a low OmegaScore®, individuals can increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acids from food sources and/or supplements containing EPA/DHA. If changes are consistent, one can expect their OmegaScore to be in the low-risk zone for the above health conditions. The re-testing of the Omega Score can be done after 4-8 weeks to confirm entry into the “low risk” zones.

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How it works

Sample Requirement: blood sample (a drop or two using provided lancet on a finger, deposited on provided specialized absorbent pads.)

1. We will mail you the Omega-3 Blood Test.
2. Collect your blood sample by following the instructions provided within the kit.
3. Use the pre-addressed envelope included within your kit to mail your sample.
4. Receive your report and schedule a consultation with a practitioner. 


The OmegaScore® report is not intended as a medical report or medical advice. It is solely a measurement and calculation of various fatty acids based on the samples provided. “Risk Levels” are intended as a reference for measurement compared to recent academic research studies. Please consult a licensed wellness professional regarding your results or for advice on any dietary changes and/or supplementation that may be required. Samples processed by an accredited network of medical laboratories.

Omega-3 Blood Test

Omega-3 Blood Test