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We’re are excited to share Avazera’s story through the words of Shiva Burnett Avazera’s CEO. Find out the inspiration behind Avazera and it’s amazing team, our feel-good products, the Avazera Wellness community and why we want to share holistic wellness with the world.
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How it Started

It all began when a little boys allergies to common ingredients such as wheat, milk, rice, nuts, and eggs, sparked his parents to find alternative sources of nutrition. As they began transforming their diets by replacing eggs with chia seeds, rice with quinoa and incorporating a plant-based diet free from chemical additives many of their scary unpleasant and sometimes frightening allergic reactions disappeared. The family as a whole enjoyed life with more energy, mental clarity and most importantly, their son continued to thrive! his was another lesson they learned, that wellness cannot be looked at solely through the lens of nutrition. Total wellness is finding balance and happiness in all aspects of life. All things in moderation, including moderation! Changing their diet was just the initial sprout!