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Focus Tea
Focus Tea
Focus Tea

Focus Tea

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Boost productivity and concentration with our Focus blend of ginkgo leaves and turmeric. 
Our Focus tea is:
• Caffeine-Level: 2 out 3 | Moderate
Ethical Tea Partnership:
• At Avazera, we are proud to source our tea ingredients and wellness blends from Ethical Tea Partnership resources. In doing so, our teas are carefully sourced from responsible suppliers, farmers and workers who are part of this international program dedicated to providing quality tea without harming the world and providing ethical benefits to those involved in the process.

Why Focus?

Boost productivity and concentration with our Focus blend of ginkgo leaves and turmeric. Whether you are studying, working, or tackling your to-do list, you can always stay sharp even when 3 PM rolls by!


Ingredients: Peppermint, Gingko Leaves, Orange, Turmeric, Pumpkin Pieces, and Safflower Petals
Our Wellness Tea Blend packaging is made from certified compostable films and inks.

Brain Function

Mood Support

Increase Focus

Improve Memory

Focus Tea Recipes

Click here to view more recipes that you can make with your Focus Tea!

Focus Tea

Focus Tea



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Loose-Leaf Tea?

    To keep your teas fresh, always store them in a cool, dry, and dark place. As well, make sure they are well sealed in their resealable pouch or airtight container. 


    To make sure you're always getting the best cup of tea possible, we recommend you follow these guidelines: 

    • Teas and infusions with fruit to be consumed within 12 months from date of purchase. 
    • Tea with herbs to be consumed within 24 months from date of purchase.

  • What other ways can I enjoy tea?

    Some like it hot, some like it iced, some within their smoothies, or even beauty routines! Be sure to check out our recipe section for all recipes using our wellness tea blends:

  • How do I make the perfect cup of tea?

    Depending on the tea and the ingredient, we recommend different steeping times to ensure the the flavours are just right! You can find our recommended steeping instructions on each of our wellness tea blends product page and packaging. 


    Other questions? 

    If you have any other questions regarding our wellness tea blends, we would be happy to help you at