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Natural Jade Gua Sha
Natural Jade Gua Sha

Natural Jade Gua Sha

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Gua Sha is an ancient scraping (gentle) massage technique developed by Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Why Use a Gua Sha?

Gua Sha (Gwah-Sha) is an ancient scraping (gentle) massage technique developed by Traditional Chinese Medicine. The aim is to de-puff the face by facilitating lymphatic drainage into the neck and bring fresh blood and nutrients to the skin for a healthy glow using light pressure in an upward and outward movement. 


Our Gua Sha Facial Tool is crafted from natural Jade. Naturally cooling and known as the stone of eternal youth, Jade is perfect for anyone who is looking for balanced skin and a youthful glow. 


How often should I use my Gua Sha? 
Two to three times per week is more than enough to experience the benefits!

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How to Use

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Natural Jade Gua Sha

Natural Jade Gua Sha



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a Gua Sha and a face roller?

    Gua Sha is great for stimulating lymphatic drainage, relieving facial and jaw tension as well while lifting, smoothing, and contouring the face. A face roller is great for helping to apply serums and skincare as well as soothing the skin.

  • How do I clean and store my Gua Sha?

    After each use, you can wipe down your Gua Sha with warm water and a gentle soap. You can then dry it with a soft, microfibre cloth. Our Gua Sha pouch is perfect to store your Gua Sha. Please make sure it is completely dry before storing and placed on an even surface. Gua Sha tools may break if dropped on tile or similar hard surfaces, so be careful where you use your tool and place it in a safe place.

  • Why is your Jade | Gua Sha a heart-shaped tool?

    There are a wide variety of Gua Sha shapes available. Our Gua sha is known as a heart shape. Each edge of a Gua Sha tool provides different functions. Depending on the tool, one edge may be more rounded and will cause less stimulation. Another edge may be useful for stimulating an area more strongly. The Heart tool is softer in its application, and the ends can also apply direct pressure making it perfect for beginners.