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Avazera Upcoming Events: SuperKid Workshop!

by shiva Burnett |

SuperKid provides families with simple solutions to a healthier diet. Bring your 5-10 year old along for a series of fun and educational activities that introduce nutrition and encourage healthy habits. A healthy lifestyle will combat obesity, improve mental focus and encourage optimal growth.

Here's what you can get out of SUPERKID:

  • Valuable information about health and nutrition with recipes and a superfood sample pack to take home
  • Quality time spent learning and experimenting with your child
  • Hands on learning by making tasty smoothies your child will love
  • Strategies and solutions to ensure your family maintains a healthy balance

The admission includes workshop tickets for you and a child, snacks and a take-home superfood starter pack containing all the products and info you need to start your routine at home. Plus receive a promo code for exclusive discounts at

Don't miss out! Click below to reserve a seat for you and your child for this workshop!

Keep Blossoming,

Team Avazera

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