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Stay Healthy This Winter: Tips from Team Avazera!

Old man winter is slowly returning and with him he brings viruses and bacteria abound like snowflakes! So, who has time to take care of themselves? You do! Check out these six tips brought to you by team Avazera so that you can be good to yourself and stay healthy this winter!

No excuses.


Stay Healthy This Winter by Taking Natural Steps Like These:

1. Wash Your Hands – A Lot

Just do it.

Tip: Have a travel sized bottle of hand sanitizer in your purse, children's backpacks, in the car and so forth as an excellent alternative to washing if you've just shaken a bunch of hands and have no access to a sink.
*Look for ones that don't require water, have at least 70% alcohol and rub until dry.


2. Stay Hydrated / Drink Tea!

Don’t forget to keep drinking water! As winter sets in, naturally our thirst decreases so it can be very easy to forget to meet our daily water intake. Aim for about two litres a day of water during winter (also all year long) as it is essential for our body to function! If you struggle with plain water try herbal tea.
*In a Harvard study, individuals who drank black tea for 2 weeks had 10 times more virus-fighting interferon in their blood than others who drank a placebo hot drink. The amino acid that's responsible for this immune boost? L-theanine! It is abundant in both black and green tea- decaf versions have it too.


3. Eat Well

As winter sets in it can be tempting to start eating more of those warm comfort foods that are often high in fat, salt and sugar. Which is why it is important to eat as healthy as possible- so foods rich in vitamin C, A and Zinc are your best bets! However, if you want the maximum amount of nutrients to beat the winter blues you may find yourself spending extra time in the kitchen. Therefore, organic superfoods like Spirulina and Baobab can be your best allies to make sure you stay healthy this winter.


4. Sleep

Proper sleep (eight hours for an adult) can help keep the body's immune system healthy and fight off colds. Therefore, try your best to avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes as these substances can affect the quality of your sleep. As well, try to focus on regular-moderate exercise, relaxation techniques and establishing a sleep routine to help promote sleep.


5. Keep Active

Continue your exercise routine through the winter to stay fit, boost your immune system function, decrease stress and maintain a healthy weight. Many stop becoming active during the winter because it is cold outside and the snow becomes a “barrier”. Don’t let a bit of white fluff put you off your fitness routine! Invest in some fitness DVDs, go on YouTube you will find plenty of workout videos on there or spend some time on Pinterest and see how you can stay active from the comfort of your warm home.


6. Steer Clear

While it may seem perfectly obvious, stay away from people displaying symptoms such as coughing and sneezing. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!



22 million – Did you know that’s how many school days are lost annually due to the common cold! Talk about lost productivity. Let us know below, how you will stay healthy this winter season!

Keep Blossoming,
Team Avazera