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Our Jasmine Green Tea Blend: The Perfect Pair!

by shiva Burnett |

How good is your tea knowledge? Even if you are a tea aficionado, chances are that the benefits found within Avazera’s organic tea blends may be new to you. The world of tea and all that it entails is absolutely fascinating. Here at Avazera we are as proud as punch with our selection of organic tea blends:

The Avazera team has pulled the most important need-to-know information as it can be a little overwhelming! So worry not, in featured blog articles we will shine a spotlight on each of our teas! So luckily for you all, the act of choosing a tea to take home won’t be a steep dilemma! So put your teapot on and join us as we take you through Avazera Tea 101! Up first, our rejuvenation tea!

The Perfect Pair: Jasmine Green Tea

Our rejuvenation tea with its delicate, but exotic scent unfolds pleasure with every sip. As it is a jasmine green tea blend, it is made by simply combining organic green tea leaves with jasmine flowers collected at peak season. It is here where the two infuse and their flavours collide to produce a refreshingly sweet and soothing fragrance in every cup!

This tea has so many benefits, let’s explore them!

High Antioxidants: The antioxidants found present within jasmine green tea may help protect your body against damage from free radicals. Free radicals are oxidized molecules that have an unpaired electron. As free radicals circulate within your body they steal electrons from your other molecules so they can become a pair. This process may damage your body’s healthy cells and can be associated with the aging process. Luckily, drinking jasmine green tea may help, cheers!

Anti-Bacterial / Viral Agents: Within jasmine green tea it contains anti-bacterial and viral properties due to catechins (a rich antioxidant found in tea leaves) which may help prevent both colds and the flu and keeping your immune system strong!

Relaxation: The olfactory system (our scent sense-say that five times fast!) is something we overlook at times. However, studies have shown that the aroma of jasmine has antidepressant properties and may be very beneficial to help with relaxation.

Weight Loss Aid: Within jasmine green tea it contains catechins, which have fat burning properties that may aid in your quest for weight loss. What occurs is your metabolic rate increases, which may help you burn fat faster! So sip up, slim down.

Steeping Guide

Here is how to steep the perfect cup of our rejuvenation tea, just follow these directions!

Jasmine Green Tea Steeping Guide 250 ml freshly boiled water Jasmine Green Tea Steeping Guide 1 teaspoon of rejuvenation tea

Jasmine Green Tea Steeping Guide 96 C / 205 F Jasmine Green Tea Steep Guide Let steep for about 2-4 minutes

As an added bonus- all our teas are loose leaf teas which means they can be re-steeped two to three times-yielding multiple flavorful and healthy cups!

Tea Tip

Here at Avazera we just want to let you in on a little secret. Ready? Drinking iced jasmine green tea after a workout is especially beneficial. Why? Because even though water is still extremely important to drink, jasmine green tea contains many things that water doesn’t. Jasmine green tea provides hydration, but also has antioxidants-bonus! Jasmine green tea -1 Water- 0

And there you have it, the 101 on our rejuvenation tea! Let us know below if you have tried it. Or, if this tea may just be your new found favourite! Stay tuned for our next tea 101 on our strawberry cream chocolate tea.

Keeping Blossoming,
Team Avazera

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