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Healthy Holiday | Expert Tips for the Festive Season!

Happy holidays! As we start filling up our schedules with festive parties and activities, our healthy lifestyle can go out the window! In today’s post, Kelly Carter (CNP), will be sharing her top tips on how you can enjoy a fun, healthy holiday season!

Your Healthy Holiday Guide | Kelly’s Top Tips

1.) Eat Before
Before setting out for a party or activity, eat something so you don’t arrive hungry! Excellent pre-party snacks combine complex carbohydrates with protein and an unsaturated fat such as apple slices with almond butter. Also, eating beforehand helps with alcohol consumption which in turn prevents overeating due to increased drink intake. Finally, don’t shop hungry! Have something to eat before you go holiday shopping so you are not tempted to pick up things that aren’t on your grocery list!

2.) BYOD
If appropriate, bring your own dish! It's a foolproof method of ensuring that you'll have a delicious, healthy holiday option that you actually like. If you are hosting a party make sure that there are enough dishes made of vegetables, whole grains, and protein. When you can focus on your proteins, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy snacks - processed, high-calorie foods will be consumed in lesser amounts!

3.) Keep Busy

Also, be hands-on at holiday parties: take photos, wash dishes, pour drinks. This will keep you from refilling your plate just so your hands have something to do!


4.) Be Buffet Savvy
If at a buffet-style party, take a look around the food table before putting anything on your plate! By checking out all of your options, you might be less inclined to pile on items one after another.

5.) Invest in New Glassware

Nip into a home store and invest in slender stemware for the holiday season! It’s much easier to over-pour calorie-laden alcoholic beverages when using big, squat wine glasses or tumblers. Champagne flutes help you control your portions—plus, they’re classy.


6.) Break Up Your Workout
As your evenings fill up with holiday parties, it may be hard to stick to your full after-work or evening workout.

- Get up 10 to 15 minutes earlier to squeeze in some exercise in the morning.
- Take 10 minutes at lunch for another micro-workout.
- Do another 10 minutes of cardio as you’re getting ready to go out (this could include dancing to your favourite jam.)

There. You’ve fit in your workout and you’re pumped up for the party!

7.) Just Say No
Whether it's your favourite recipe by Grandma or your best friend's holiday roast, many feel that they should eat certain foods simply because people keep offering them. All you need to do is politely decline and offer a compliment “Oh, Grandma, your chocolate cake looks amazing but I am too full right now. But I would LOVE to take a slice home!”


Will you be implementing these healthy holiday tips during the festive season? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time,