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Reset and Detox!

Laura is a holistic nutritionist, digestive health coach- founder of Go with Your Gut, and fitness instructor! In today's post, we asked Laura to give us the lowdown on detoxing, and what it can do for your health, long term! 

Let's Meet Laura!

Hello, everyone, my name is Laura De Sanctis, and I specialize in coaching people on how to detox and the benefits of cleansing the body using whole foods and gentle, natural detox remedies. I am thrilled to join the Avazera team and to share with you the benefits of detoxing naturally, and how to live a healthy, happy and vibrant life!

However, before becoming a holistic nutritionist, like many people, I heard about detoxing, cleansing and fasting, but when I wanted to start a detox program, I felt overwhelmed. There were so many choices available and so much contradictory information. Did I need to count calories? Do ingredients matter? How many different types of foods should I be eating? What foods should I eliminate from my diet? Should I worry about the high sugar content in some of my smoothies? I had so many questions.

Now as a holistic nutritionist, I strive to educate people on different ingredients and their associated health benefits. I teach people how to make better, more informed decisions, and make delicious and healing recipes that will help them feel their best.

Detox 101

A detox is a conscious decision to cleanse yourself. It’s a decision that allows you to examine all aspects of your life and encourages you to take active steps to reset your body so you can be vibrant.

The typical North American diet consists of a high-fat diet filled with saturated and polyunsaturated fats and carbohydrates. Most of the foods many North Americans eat are processed and nutrient void. These diets support chronic inflammation which is a precursor to diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases. When we consistently eat foods that promote inflammation like white sugar, white flour, dairy, gluten and high fructose corn syrup, or foods filled with preservatives, we encourage and increase inflammation in our bodies.

It’s important to cleanse because there is a build-up of toxins in our bodies. We take in toxins from the environment by inhaling or ingesting them and as well as coming into contact with them. Food additives, drugs, and unhealthy water systems can also contribute to increasing harmful toxins in our bodies. Our bodies also produce toxins naturally through biochemical and cellular functions, which need to be eliminated. When our body’s pathways to elimination (think compromised digestion like constipation) are compromised, toxins cannot be removed. When toxins aren’t removed, they can cause inflammation in our cells and tissues, blocking normal functions of our cellular organs and our whole body leading to dis-ease.

The Benefits of a Detox

- It’s important to detox because many health problems are caused by the buildup of toxins from our environment by inhaling them, ingesting them, or coming into physical contact with them. Even drugs, food additives, and allergens can build harmful toxins in the body
- When our bodies eliminate toxin, both environmentally and emotionally- we feel lighter, happier, and vibrant
- Detoxes are not about deprivation, they are about cleansing the body in a powerful way, setting the stage for you to discover your most radiant self!

We’re well aware that nutrition and health information can be overwhelming. However, detoxing aims to give you the confidence you need to find your inner path to health and well-being and be a great tool for starting fresh! Only you are in the driver’s seat. What you eat each and every day, and your lifestyle, affects how you feel and how healthy you are. Take charge of your health and adopt a new mindset. All you have to do is start with one step. Give your health the best fighting chance - like giving a gift to yourself.

Here’s to a new, vibrant you!