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All about Pampering: Fun Tips from Team Avazera!

by shiva Burnett |

Every now and then, we need time to take a step back and to focus on ourselves! Life is busy. Those inevitable daily life stresses can make it super easy to get up caught up in everything when several demands take up our time. Therefore, we often forget to take the time to be the best versions of ourselves! The good news is that pampering doesn’t have to be hard to obtain and to be obnoxiously expensive. We’ve got some awesome ideas below to help pamper yourselves this upcoming weekend.

Let’s get started!

1. Have Tea with Friends!
Pampering yourself doesn’t have to be a solo activity- your friends can join in the fun! Plan a date with your friends and have a catch up session with a few cups of our organic loose leaf tea blends in a variety of delicious flavours! Also, don’t forget to indulge in a few sweets- after all you are pampering yourself!

2. A Warm Bath
This one is an oldie, but a goodie and it’s totally free. So turn off your phone, step away from your laptop, turn off the lights, throw in some bath bombs and set up some heavenly smelling candles! Soaking in a warm bath is a great way to unwind, help reduce stress, a natural way to help induce a peaceful slumber and as an added bonus you will smell ah-mazing!

3. A Beauty DIY Day
Let’s be honest. A day at the spa can be expensive, so why not invest your time and efforts into a pampering DIY day instead with a couple of friends?

- An at home manicure and pedicure
- Indulging in a face mask: try our moringa face mask!
* Mix a handful of moringa powder in adequate amount of water to form a smooth paste. Apply evenly on your face as a mask and leave on for 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse off warm water for beautiful glowing skin!
- A nourishing hair treatment
The possibilities are really endless! A great idea is to head on over to Pinterest and get inspiration from there.

4. PJ’s All Day!
If you really want to pamper yourself- sometimes doing the opposite can really help recharge one’s battery! Instead of dressing up, fixing up your hair and doing your makeup you can stay in your comfiest pyjama’s or lounge clothes, throw your hair up in a bun and go makeup free. Relish in being comfortable, by just being you!

5. Take a Nap
Sometimes the simplest way is the best way. When you’ve had a lot of your plate from the past week and you feel exhausted just take a nap! Aim for about 20 minutes- cat naps are the way to go! If you stay any longer, you run the risk of oversleeping, feeling groggy and you don’t know what year it is when you wake up!

6. Meditation
Also, practicing meditation is a great way to pamper yourself every day! Meditation is a great way to reduce stress and provides numerous health benefits: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually!
*Check out our past blog post – Meditation: What You Need to Know About It’s Benefits!


Let us know below what you do to give yourself a little love when life gets a little hectic!

Keep Blossoming
Team Avazera

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